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Warfaze to be featured in upcoming Anjan Dutta film

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Bangladeshi pioneering metal band Warfaze will be seen in an Indian film directed by Kolkata-based musician-filmmaker Anjan Dutta. Members of the band will be featured as guest artistes in the film titled “Just Kolkata.” The story of the film revolves around the ups and downs of a promising band, which gets to perform alongside Warfaze and Kolkata-based band Fossils at an international musical event.

“If all’s well, then we are going to Kolkata in January, next year for the shooting,” said leader and drummer of Warfaze, Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu. The film will also feature some songs of Warfaze (under negotiation at present). While in Kolkata, the band will perform at some concerts.

Warfaze celebrated its silver jubilee earlier this year. On the occasion a grand concert at Hotel Sheraton was held, where all of the band’s present and former members performed. About the grand celebration, Tipu said, “We didn’t get a lot of time to get ready for the concert, as all former and current band members were busy.”

At present Tipu is hosting an ongoing musical programme aired on Banglavision. The programme, titled “Musicians,” is planned and directed by Tipu as well. The programme features a particular band in each episode. Warfaze, LRB, Miles, Shironamhin and others will be featured in the programme.

Tipu also informed about Warfaze’s upcoming projects. He said, “We are going to launch a DVD featuring the reunion concert. It would be available in the local market in January next year.”

Warfaze also has plans to set up a music school, launch a ‘best of Warfaze’ album and its seventh studio album next year. About the music school Tipu said, “At present, several Warfaze members — individually — train students. If we come together, it should be easy to run a music school.”

A photography exhibition featuring the reunion is also included in the band’s upcoming projects.

Source: The Daily Star, November 28, 2008

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